JOY Inc. Core Business Philosophy & Values


“Study the art of Joy”

JOY is a fundamental and universal human desire. We are creating a company culture and services that will provide the space for Meaningful Relationships, Character Development and Purposeful Accomplishment, we believe these are the building blocks of true and lasting JOY in all aspects of our lives.   


Successful businesses are built on relationships, we feel successful relationships are formed in selfless humility that commits to working on one’s own personal development for the benefit of the other person, family or team.  We are committed to working diligently on ourselves in order that we may offer the most to all our relationships, personal and professional.


People are Priority; family, friends, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and owners. We are committed to bringing attention and care to the human beings that comprise our industrialized society. We will take care of our people and our people will take care of our customers.


We hold to the view that our customer’s projects and problems are an opportunity to provide a positive user experience through our management, products and solutions. Responsive communication, collaborative solutions, desired products and timely deliverables comprise our end to end “user experience” customer service model. This offers our customers an easy push button option for all their projects.

“Be Transparent and Valuable”

We are committed to financial and business transparency with all our key management people.  Each person will be compensated in direct relation to the value and product they bring to the organization and in turn to the marketplace we serve.  Each person has equal opportunity to add value to themselves which in turn adds value to the organization and to the marketplace.