joy inc. services

JOY Inc. provides a wide range of construction and management services to tower asset companies and wireless providers such as Verizon, Crown Castle, Sprint, ATC, T-Mobile, Kitsap911, etc.

We specialize in all the following service categories;

  • Project Management; Market strategy, oversight, training, scheduling, A&E consulting, customer relations, etc.

  • Civil Work; Land clearing, excavation, trenching, concrete foundations, road construction, etc.

  • Tower Construction; Steel erection, self-support towers, mono poles, guy towers, cranes and rigging, etc.

  • Rooftop Wireless Sites; Tenant improvements, structural upgrades, steel structures, FRP, etc.

  • Electrical Services; Underground utilities, AC services, ATS and generators, DC and batteries, etc.

  • Wireless Technology; RF antennas and radios, microwave, coax & fiber, testing and troubleshooting, etc.

  • Structural Modifications; Tower upgrades, field welding, foundation upgrades, rooftop upgrades, etc.

There are many growth opportunities in the wireless industry where we plan to expand our services such as; Construction management, architect & engineering consulting, real-estate services, contractor management, steel and FRP fabrication, etc.